Questions you should ask before you buy Pink Butcher Paper!

There are several wrapping options available for cooking your meats. Butcher Paper is a popular option, but do you know how and why you should buy? Let us find out the factors to be considered while the right and safe butcher paper for cooking your meats.

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What to look for when you buy Pink Butcher Paper

 Wrapping the meat in a butcher paper to achieve a crisp crust, juicy and moist meat is the most popular practice among the barbecue enthusiasts. Wrapped method of grilling and smoking is ideal for slow and low cooking of tough meat like brisket, shank and ribs as it reduces the cooking time compared to that of unwrapped cooking.

Pink Butcher Paper is the commonly used paper to wrap the meat in slow and low cooking. There are other wrappers like aluminum foil, kraft paper, freezer paper and White Butcher Paper available in the market which are used in day to day culinary activities. None of them is ideal for cooking the meat in high temperatures. Find out why? Pink Butcher Paper Vs Freezer Paper  and Butcher Paper Vs Aluminum Foil.

Before buying a suitable food wrapping paper to cook your meat, one should ask a few questions to choose the best Butcher Paper for their specific use.

-        Is it coated paper?
o   Unlike Freezer Paper or Butter Paper (Baking Paper), the Pink Butcher Paper doesn’t come with plastic or wax coating. Coated papers melt during the cooking process and so are not suitable for BBQ. Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper is a non-coated paper made of natural wood pulp which gives it a natural pink color to it.

-        Is it chemically treated?
o   During the manufacturing of paper elementary chlorine bleaching is done to give white color to the paper or dyes are added to give a specific color. Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper doesn’t undergo any bleaching and is chemicals free.

-        Does it have heat resistance?     
o   Parchment paper, wrapping paper & other papers are not ideal to cook your meat at higher temperatures. Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper is made of hardwood pulp ideal to cook tough meats like briskets at high temperatures as it has high heat resistance and doesn’t burn or char itself or the meat.

-        Does it have wet-strength?
o   Slow & low cooking emits moisture & liquids during the cooking process, so resistance to moisture is required for an ideal meat wrapping & cooking paper as it should not tear when it gets wet. Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper has excellent wet-strength for use storing, cooking, resting & also serving BBQ meats.

-        Is it a permeable paper?
o   Aluminum foils don’t allow moisture to escape & trap the steam inside, this acts as a miniature oven – thus making the meat mushy & overcooked. It also prevents smoky flavor infusion into the meat and thus the meats are low on the smoky flavor. During low & slow cooking Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper being a permeable paper allows the meat to breathe by releasing excess heat & steam while still retaining the required moisture to give a juicy brisket with a crispy bark. Pink Butcher Paper wrapping also allows the meat to absorb the smoky flavor well.

-        Is it easy to use & store?
o   Pink Butcher Paper is inexpensive. Butcher Papers comes in rolls & sheets, they can be cut into different shapes & sizes to suit your requirements. Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper comes with easy to use & store durable carry tube.

-        Is it a versatile paper?
o   Butter Paper, Freezer Paper, Craft Paper and Aluminum Foils are not as versatile as Butcher Paper. Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper has multiple uses from storing, cooking, resting, serving like food wraps & tray liners as well as art & crafts, gift wrapping, etc thus making it very versatile.  

-        Is it FDA approved?
o   Not every paper used is FDA approved for direct food contact. Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper is a Food Grade paper with an FDA approval. There are many brands of Butcher Paper in the market – but very few have FDA approval.

-        Is it available everywhere?
o   Not every kitchen use paper is available at an arm’s length. Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper is just a click away – you can buy online with Free Shipping as well – Order Now


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