Pink Butcher Paper or Freezer Paper For That Perfect BBQ Brisket

Are you finding it difficult to cook your brisket to perfection?  Not able to make your dream come true of cooking a brisket with a crispy crust, which is still juicy and tender?

Pink Butcher Paper Vs Freezer Paper
Pink Butcher Paper Vs Freezer Paper

Don’t give up.
Briskets are cooked in an oven or a smoker after a liberal amount of seasoning. Once the temperature reaches 165-170 degrees Fahrenheit in 6 to 7 hours and hit the plateau, the internal temperature stop rising. Meat cooking stalls at this point. Holding the moisture, braising the meat in its own juices, getting that smoky flavour into the meat without any further darkening of crust is the key for a perfect brisket.
Can we barbecue a perfect brisket with a crispy crust, which is juicy, tender and flavourful without any mess?

Hell Yeah!
Yes!!! It’s achievable with Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper.

Wrapped barbecuing gives better results.
You can barbecue a brisket - wrapped or unwrapped.  The unwrapped way of cooking generally takes longer than the wrapped ones and could dry up the meat due to longer exposure to heat. Prolonged exposure to direct heat could end up as overcooked & burnt.  Wrapping allows the meat to not loose moisture and get cooked in its own juices – this making it tender and juicy, while the crust becomes crispy. How exactly to do this – that is at what time to wrap the brisket with Pink Butcher Paper is a subject for another blog.

Aluminum Foil won’t work – here is why
Aluminum foil takes less time to cook compared to unwrapped cooking as it traps the heat inside and acts as an oven in miniature.  Wrapping the brisket in an aluminum foil will allow the meat to get cooked in its own juices but since it does not allow the meat to breathe, you will end up a mushy pot roast. Aluminum foil does not allow the meat to breathe, this reduces the smoky flavor getting infused into the meat and also condensed juices could make the meat soggy.

Freezer Paper won’t work either – here is why
Freezer paper are poly or wax coated on one side. Commonly used to wrap the food to be frozen, hence the name freezer paper J. It helps to seal the meat's natural moisture. Freezer paper cannot be used in oven or grill as the plastic or wax coating could melt and get into the meat when heated. The poly or wax coating will trap all the vapor thus making the briskets mushy or soggy. Although Freezer Paper is food grade and can be FDA approved – it contains plastic or wax coating on one side – this makes it unsuitable for barbecuing.

Pink Butcher Paper
Pink Butcher Paper is the Secret for Juicy & Tender Briskets With A Crispy Bark!

Why only Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper works best?

Better than any other paper 
Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher paper is made up of an exclusive pulp with a resistance to heat and moisture. It allows the meat to retain its moisture at lower temperature and also allows the smoky flavor into the meat.

FDA Approved Food Grade Paper
FDA approved Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher paper is safe for direct food contact and made up of high quality.  This ensures that there are no chemicals used in the manufacturing which affects our food quality. Natural pink butcher paper is safer than using elemental chlorine bleached white papers.

User Friendly Paper
Pink Butcher paper has an excellent wet strength which allows the meat cutting, wrapping, cooking and storing without a mess. Pink Butcher Paper is inexpensive, available in rolls, can be cut into different sizes and shapes as need be. Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher paper comes with a durable carry tube which can protect the paper roll and makes it easy to use and store.

Barbecue Gurus Use It
Barbecue gurus like Aron use Pink Butcher Paper to achieve a perfect crispy crust, tender and juicy Brisket. Want to cook a perfect brisket at home? You must try Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher paper

Serving friendly
Pink butcher paper keeps the meat crispy juicy and warm till the serving time as the Briskets are prepared much earlier than the serving time. When used as a tray liner Pink Butcher Paper enhances the presentation of your delicious Barbecues.

Pink butcher paper is better than kraft paper as well, here is how in our other blog post – Butcher Paper Vs Kraft Paper.

Now you know why you need to use Pink Butcher Paper and not Freezer paper for getting your Briskets to be the best. So what are you waiting for, go ahead & order Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper right away & cook competition grade briskets at home!


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