To Wrap Or Not To Wrap! Which Makes A Perfect Brisket?

Cooking a perfect brisket is more of a technique and skill than the ingredients. In other words, herbs and spices used in seasoning are important but will not affect the perfectly cooked brisket as much as the process of cooking or smoking. 

Are you still cooking an old-fashioned non-wrapped or nude Brisket? Want to try cooking a brisket with a crispy crust, which is still juicy and tender? Are you spoiling a brisket by not wrapping it while cooking?

Wrap BBQ Brisket in Pink Butcher Paper

The Question: To Wrap Or Not To Wrap?
You can barbecue a brisket - wrapped or unwrapped.  Briskets are cooked slow and low in a smoker or oven with fat trimmed and seasoned with minimal spices. The big conundrum is to wrap or to cook unwrapped?

Risks of unwrapped cooking
Brisket is a hard meat and is a perfect choice for slow and low cooking. Though the unwrapped cooking seems to be easy, it takes nearly 15 to 20% more time compared to a wrapped one. Prolonged exposure to direct heat could lead a brisket to be overcooked & burntUnwrapped cooking will give a strong smoky flavor to the Brisket, which sometimes may also give you a better taste.

Benefits of Wrapped Cooking
The wrapped way of cooking generally cuts down the cooking time and avoid long exposure to heat. Wrapping allows the meat to not lose moisture and get cooked in its own juices – this makes it tender and juicy, while the crust becomes crispy. Wrapping keeps a lot of smoke away from the meat avoiding strong smoke and sometimes bitter flavor to the Brisket.

Choice of Wrap?
When we have decided to wrap the meat. Let’s explore the available choices and select the best.

Aluminum foil
Aluminum foil traps the heat inside and takes less time to cook compared to unwrapped cooking.  Aluminum foil will allow the meat to get braised in its own juices.  Aluminum foil does not allow the meat to breathe, the condensed juices inside could make the meat mushy. Foil also reduces the smoky flavor getting infused into the meat leaving it mild or non-smoky flavored.

Freezer Paper
Freezer paper is used to wrap the food to be frozen. They are poly or wax coated on one side to seal the meat's natural moisture. Freezer paper cannot be used in oven or smoker as the poly coating could melt upon heating. The poly coating on one side makes it limited to freezing and inappropriate for cooking even though it is food grade.

Pink Butcher Paper is better than Kraft paper as well, here is how?

Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper for a perfect wrap

Wet strength
Pink Butcher Paper has an excellent resistance to heat and moisture and can maintain the moisture in the meat. The Pink Butcher Paper can be used to cutting and serving of the cooked brisket as it has an ideal wet strength.  Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper is inexpensive, comes in rolls with a durable carry tube to protect the paper roll and is easy to use and store.

FDA approved
Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper is FDA approved, food grade paper made up of high-quality Unbleached paper pulp.  Unlike other bleached white papers, there are no chemicals used in manufacturing ensuring it is safe for food contact and storage.

Good presentation
A good presentation is as important as its taste. Tempting our eyes to makes us to want to taste it. When used as a tray liner Pink Butcher Paper enhances the presentation of your delicious meat. It also keeps the meat warmer and juicy until the serving time

Popular with meatheads & pit-masters
Pink Butcher Paper is popular among meatheads and pit-masters to cook a perfect moist brisket with a crispy bark.

Cooking a perfect crispy bark, juicy moist and tasty brisket is not a talent of just professional barbecuers. It’s not impossible!!!!  Let’s smoke some wrapped brisket with Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper.  Order Now


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