White Vs Pink Butcher Paper – Which Is The Best?

Butcher Paper has been used for wrapping barbecue meats for some time now.  Butcher Paper has two variants – White and Pink Butcher paper.  Is Pink Butcher Paper any different from White Butcher Paper?  Why Pink Butcher Paper is preferred over White Butcher Paper for Barbecuing? Let’s check it out.

White Butcher Paper Vs Pink Butcher Paper
White Butcher Paper Vs Pink Butcher Paper 

The Butcher Paper was originally sold to butchers for wrapping the fresh meat and seafood. Wrapping the meat in the Butcher Paper towards the end of cooking to avoid further loss of moisture and charring of meat in a slow and low cooking is the most popular way of using Butcher Paper.  In recent times there are several innovative ways of using Butcher Paper in our daily life apart from cooking, here are SIX Ways of Using Pink Butcher Paper.  The most commonly heard Butcher Paper varieties are White Butcher Paper and Pink Butcher Paper. They both share a few common properties as well as differences. Let’s find out which is the better one to master your backyard brisket smoking skill.

How similar they are?

Excellent Wet strength

White Butcher Paper and Pink Butcher Paper are uncoated papers suitable for wrapping and storing food items.  Both the papers are made out of hardwood pulp, they have an excellent wet strength to hold the moisture for a long time.

Great heat resistance

White and Pink Butcher Paper are ideal for slow and low cooking as they have a good heat resistance capacity. The big chunks of meat like shanks, ribs and briskets which requires long hours of cooking can be wrapped in these papers to avoid any charring and loss of moisture at the end stages.

Permeable Papers

White and Pink Butcher Papers are permeable which allows the meat inside to breathe through the stall stage, where the fall in the internal temperature of meat causes a lot of condensed water accumulation which can turn your meat soggy and overcooked.  
Both the Butcher Papers allow smoke to get infused into the meat giving you a crispy crust, tender juicy meat with a strong smoky flavor.

What’s the big difference?

Though the White Paper has got similar functional properties as Pink Butcher Paper in strength and durability, it is slightly different in the way it is manufactured.
White color paper attracts the customers or guests giving a clean and hygiene appearance to the food items. A chemical bleaching is done to a natural wood pulp color paper to make it a White Butcher Paper.
The main reason why the Pink Butcher Paper stands out in the world of transient trends of barbeque accessories is, it’s completely natural and there are no chemicals used during the manufacturing.  The Pink color is because of the natural wood pulp used and there are no chemical treatments given.  

Why Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper?

FDA Approved Paper

Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper is FDA approved food grade paper assuring that it is safe to come in direct contact with the food without compromising the quality. There are no chemicals used during the manufacturing.

Easy to Use and Store

Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper is an inexpensive paper which comes in rolls along with a durable carry tube which makes it easy to use and store. 

Popular Barbeque Trend

The Pink Butcher Paper is most popular among the barbeque enthusiasts to smoke a perfect crispy bark with juicy and moist meat.  

Reliable Than Any Other Paper

Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper is made up of an exclusive wood pulp to withstand the moisture and heat at lower temperatures. It will keep the meat moist and warm until the serving time. The pink color of the paper enhances the dish presentation if used as a wrap, tray or basket liner. 


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