SIX Ways To Use Pink Butcher Paper

Pink Butcher Paper is the most popular trend in the world of barbecue. It looks like the trend is only going to grow bigger and not fade away.  Let’s explore the six different ways of using Pink Butcher Paper.

Use Pink Butcher Paper
SIX Ways To Use Pink Butcher Paper

 Most of you may be aware of wrapping the meat during slow and low cooking as it reduces the time of cooking compared to that of naked meat cooking.  The foil is used to wrap the meat in the famous Texas Crutch preparation. Once you wrap the meat in the foil, it acts as an oven creating an impenetrable layer. It will not allow the heat to escape, and the meat may get overcooked and soggy.  

Wrapping your meat in a Pink Butcher Paper will allow the excess moisture to pass through it. It is a permeable paper that protects the natural moisture of the meat and gives it a crispy bark. Pink Butcher Paper is ideal for wrapping tough meats like briskets and shanks which requires slow and low cooking. 

Have you used the trendsetter Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper yet in your kitchen? Here are seven ways to use Pink Butcher Paper.

Cutting and Storing the Meat

As the name suggests, butcher papers were originally used by butchers to wrap the fresh cut meat and seafood so that the customers can carry them home easily.

The Pink Butcher Paper has an excellent wet strength, it can hold the moisture for a long time so it is suitable for cutting the meat and wrapping it before you start cooking. As it is made up of hardwood pulp, meat wrapped in the Pink Butcher Paper can be kept in the freezer too.  


No matter whether you are an experienced grill master or a striving barbecue enthusiast, Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper is definitely a tool to get a crispy crust with juicy and tender meat. The Pink Butcher Paper comes with a great resistance to heat and also allows the meat to breathe during the stall stage making it an ideal wrap for slow and low cooking. It helps the meat to braise in its natural juices, making it juicy and tender and allows excess moisture to escape giving a crispy crunchy bark with a smoky flavor.

Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper is FDA approved, chemical free paper made up of high-quality craft pulp. Unlike wax paper, it is not coated with wax or plastic which could melt upon contact with heat while cooking and is unsuitable for barbecuing.

Presentation and Serving

Pink Butcher Paper is completely natural paper and there are no bleaching treatments given to alter the natural pink color of the wood pulp.  The Pink Butcher paper will keep the meat warm and moist until the serving time.

The Pink Butcher paper enhance the food presentation when used as the tray, basket and table liners. You can use it to wrap a sandwich or make a cone to fill some wedges or fries as well.

Multi Cuisine

Pink Butcher Paper can be used in the various other cuisines as a replacement to their original paper like parchment paper. A dish called “en papillote” in French and “al cartoccio” in Italian, where meat or fish are cooked with vegetables in a parchment paper pocket. Pink Butcher Paper can be used instead of parchment paper.

During dry brining way of cooking, the Pink Butcher Paper can be used in the place of parchment paper or foil as a liner during baking


If you are packing and moving, you can use Pink Butcher Paper to pack glass and porcelain items to avoid scratches and breakage during transportation.  Using a newspaper during packing could damage the products by transferring its ink. 

Arts and Crafts

Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper comes in rolls with a durable carry tube making it easy to use and store. This paper can be easily cut into different shapes and sizes according to one’s own creativity. Your kids can use this affordable paper for their innumerable drawing experiments, arts and craft projects both at home and school.  One can use the Pink Butcher paper as an innovative gift wrap, which can also be used for cooking later. A lot of home decorations can be done using Pink Butcher Paper. The versatility of the Pink Butcher Paper is directly proportional to your level of creativity J.

There’s always something creative to discover with Pink Butcher Paper along with mastering your barbecue! Order Now!!


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