Brisket: Fat Side Up Or Fat Side Down?

Smoking a brisket fat side up or down is to be given a thought. How you lay a chunk of meat on a smoker matters a lot. Let’s explore which way produces the best results and what are the benefits.

Mighty Dream's Pink Butcher Paper
Brisket Fat Side Up Or Fat Side Down?

A layer of fat found attached to the brisket is often called as a Fat side. Some found the fat layer as distasteful and some as a delight. Eventually, it’s left to one’s own taste buds and choice!!! 

Let’s explore the highlights and challenges of keeping the fat up and down and how Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper can be used to smoke a perfect brisket, irrespective of the fat direction.


The Fat side up


When the brisket is cooked fat side up, the melted fat flow over the meat. It allows the meat to braise in its own fat retaining all the natural moisture.


Brisket contains both water and fat side, it can absorb a little moisture during cooking. It cannot act as a sponge to absorb all the excess fat poured on it. Oil and water are always repulsive. While dripping down on the meat the fat will wash away all the seasoning on the meat leaving a bland roast.

Smoking or grilling the fat side up will affect the uniform crispy bark formation as it comes in direct contact with the grill.


The Fat Side down


Fat side down offers you a tender and moist brisket compared to the previous method. The fat layer acts as a shield between brisket and direct heat avoiding the formation of dry and chewy meat bark.

No risks of losing your seasoning.

An unvarying surface or bark formation which makes a great presentation.


Fat side down works better in a convection system where the air flow is consistent around the meat while cooking. Not suitable to cook in a radiant heat system where the heat travels in a straight line and cooks everything it comes across. Meat may dry out if a top heat griller is used.

Want to explore the best of both the world?

Try Flipping

By flipping the brisket over after a few hours, you can allow one side of the brisket to rest, braising uniformly in the melted fat.

It’s quite a disturbance in between to go and flip the brisket. Every time you flip the brisket there are chances of moisture leakage too.


What’s the solution to cooking a tender and moist brisket with a crispy bark?

Why all the fuss and mess when you have Mighty dreams Pink Butcher Paper. Let’s find why you should consider this Pink Butcher Paper for a perfectly smoked brisket.

Wrapped cooking is quicker.

Wrapping the meat in the Pink Butcher Paper will reduce half of your cooking time compared to the unwrapped way of cooking. The wrapped paper will not allow the natural moisture to escape, allows the brisket to braise in its own juices making it moist and tender.

Ideal for slow and low cooking.

Pink Butcher paper is made out of a high-quality wood pulp with good wet strength and heat resistance.  It’s a permeable paper which allows the excess condensed water formed during the stall to escape. As the meat breathes the smoky flavor gets into the meat.  Wrapper avoids any further charring or dryness of the meat, especially the bark.  A crunchy bark with a moist and juicy brisket is possible when cooked with the Pink Butcher Paper. It’s an ideal tool to cook a hard chunk of meat like brisket which requires long hours of cooking in low heat.

FDA Approved Paper

Mighty dreams Pink Butcher Paper is FDA approved food grade paper, safe to come in direct contact with food products.  It’s made up of natural high-quality wood pulp, no chemical treatments are given during manufacturing.  Unlike other papers like freezer paper and wax paper, Pink Butcher Paper is an uncoated paper suitable for direct contact with heat.

Easy to use

Mighty dreams Pink Butcher Paper is an inexpensive paper and comes in rolls with a durable carry tube making it easy to use and store.  It can be cut into any shape and size easily.

Versatile Paper.

Find out the different ways of using Pink Butcher Paper in your day to day life, here are SIX Ways to use Pink Butcher Paper.

Reasons enough to grab your roll of Pink Butcher Paper irrespective of the fat side is up or down? Hurry up! Buy now!!


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