Why there are “No Substitutes” for Pink Butcher Paper?

There are a lot of wrapping options available for smoking or grilling your meats in today’s barbecue world. Let us explore why Pink Butcher Paper is the best option among the lot.

No Substitute For Butcher Paper
No Substitute For Pink Butcher Paper

Wrapped cooking has become a rage in barbecue circles in recent times as it reduces your cooking time and it improves texture and flavor of the meat. There are different meat wrapping options available for cooking like Aluminum Foil, Kraft Paper, Parchment Paper, Baking Paper, and Butcher Paper. Each and every wrapping option comes with its own pros and cons. Picking the right wrapping option depends upon the meat, the cooking/smoking method and cuisine. Butcher Paper is popular for its versatility – it can be used in a wide range of cooking methods and cuisines.

The exclusive properties of Butcher Paper that makes it better.

Butcher Paper is Non-Coated Paper:
Unlike Freezer Paper which is coated with wax or polymers on one side which not ideal as the wax or plastic will melt in the grill or smoker. Butcher Paper doesn’t have any coating which makes it ideal to use in a smoker or griller.

Good in Wet Strength:
Butcher Paper is made up of high-quality wood pulp and designed to hold the moisture for a long time. This makes it an ideal wrapping option, not only for long hours of cooking, but also for meat storage, meat marination, and meat resting (after smoking/grilling).

Great Heat Resistance:
Butcher Paper is made up of natural wood pulp and is designed to withstand long hours of cooking in high temperatures – as high as 250° F. The great heat resistance makes Butcher Paper ideal for cooking tough meats like pork ribs, briskets and shanks.

Permeable Nature:
Butcher Paper has a porous nature where it allows excess moisture released from the meat while smoking/grilling to escape, while still retaining the natural juices of the meat. Butcher Paper helps you to power through the “Stall”, giving you a crispy bark while still keeping the meat tender and juicy.
Being a permeable wrapper Butcher Paper allows the meat to absorb the smoky flavor from the smoking process adding a trademark flavor to the meat.
Aluminum foil wrapped cooking works as a mini oven by itself, which traps the moisture from escaping which makes the meat soggy and overcooked, while it doesn’t allow the meat to absorb the smoky flavors.

No Chemical Bleaching:
Generally, papers are bleached with chemicals to give it a white color or colors are added to give it a specific color. Pink Butcher Paper is a chemical free natural wood pulp paper – the pink or the peach color comes from the natural wood pulp color. Also, it’s a myth that Peach Butcher Paper has a peach flavor.

Versatility or Multi-Purpose:
Butcher Paper can be used for all stages of the cooking process from margination, smoking, resting and serving. Butcher Paper can also be used for arts, crafts, drawing, painting, doodling, etc. Butcher Paper can be used for Gift Wrapping as well.

Easy To Use:
Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper superior bundle set comes with a premium quality Pink Butcher Roll in a Durable Carry Tube – which makes it easy to use and store. Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper comes in convenient sizes 18” X 150’ and 24” X 150’ which can be cut into various shapes and sizes as per your requirements.

FDA Approved:
Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper is made of an exclusive blend of 100% natural wood pulp that makes it consistent and high quality, Made in the USA and is FDA approved as Food Grade Paper. Not every Pink Butcher Paper or Peach Butcher Paper has an FDA approval.

Easy to Buy:
Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper is available online with just a click away – order your rolls from right here – CLICK HERE. Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper superior bundle comes with a free eBook on How to Be a Grill Master.

No other wrapping option covers most of these qualities, thus Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper is the quintessential meat smoking consumable / tool for every household. Order Yours Now!


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