What is Pink Butcher Paper made of?

Pink Butcher Paper is a passion among pit masters evangelizing smoking meats to perfection. Let’s explore what the Pink Butcher Paper is made of? What materials make it an ideal BBQ meat wrapping paper?

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What is Pink Butcher Paper made of?

Pink Butcher Paper, also known as Peach Butcher Paper or Red Butcher Paper or Brown Butcher Paper, is the most popular tool in the world of barbecue. Pink Butcher Paper is an ideal wrapping paper to attain crispy bark, juicy and smoky barbecue meat. Pink Butcher Paper is recommended by barbecue gurus for a perfectly smoked brisket and other tough meats like shanks and ribs. Slow and low cooking often makes the meat either overcooked or charred. Wrapping your meat in Pink Butcher Paper helps to balance out the time, taste, texture and flavor during the slow and low cooking.  Let’s understand what is this Pink Butcher Paper made up of, what makes it an excellent wrapping paper to smoke your meat with?

Composition of Pink Butcher Paper

Butcher Paper is basically made out of wood pulp through a process called Kraft process. During Kraft process, the wood is converted into wood pulp which is nothing but cellulose fibers, the main component of any paper. The quality of these engineered cellulose fibers or wood pulp determines the wet strength [capacity to withstand the moisture] of a Butcher Paper.

Butcher Paper comes in many colors pink, peach, brown, red, white, etc. All these Butcher Papers are made up of the same raw materials but there is an additional chemical treatment called bleaching, which is done to give a white color to the White Butcher Paper during the manufacturing process. There are no chemical bleaching done to the Pink Butcher Paper or Peach Butcher Paper or Red Butcher Paper, the color is all due to different natural wood pulp used in the manufacturing process. 

There are no wax, plastic or polymer coatings done to the Pink Butcher Paper. Any such coatings to a cooking paper would compromise the quality of food while cooking under high temperatures.  The non-coated Pink Butcher Paper is porous in nature and acts a permeable wrap around the meat during cooking. It allows the meat to breathe while cooking, it helps the meat to remove excess moisture retaining the required natural juices to braise itself in it. Porous nature of the Butcher Paper also helps the meat to get a strong smoky flavor.

Pink Butcher Paper is all natural and can be recycled or composted after use.

FDA Approved Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper

Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper is made in USA, approved by FDA as safe to come in direct contact with the food. It is 100% chemical free, natural paper made out of the high-quality wood pulp. There is no bleaching done to the Pink Butcher Paper.

Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper comes with an excellent wet strength to hold the moisture for a long time. You can use the Pink Butcher Paper to cut and wrap the meat during seasoning, while cooking and also resting the meat after cooking.

Pink Butcher Paper by Mighty Dream can withstand high temperatures like 200° F, this is due to the high-quality wood pulp used during the manufacturing process. Pink Butcher Paper helps the brisket to retain its natural moisture effectively towards the end of the smoking session to obtain a crispy bark, while still retaining the juicy and tender texture of meat.

Pink Butcher Paper Rolls from Mighty Dreams comes with a durable carry tube which makes it easy to use and store. Pink Butcher Paper is an inexpensive, multipurpose paper which can be used for your endless arts, crafts and drawing experiments too.

You can easily order online your roll of 100% Natural, FDA Approved, Chemical Free, High-Quality Pink Butcher Paper here.


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