Smokey Beef Brisket Cooked With Pink Butcher Paper For a Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinners have a big spread and turkey takes the center table, in recent times barbecues are also finding their way into the traditional spread. Let us explore a Beef Brisket Recipe for this Thanksgiving.

Smokey Beef Brisket Cooked With Pink Butcher Paper
Smokey Beef Brisket Cooked With Pink Butcher Paper For a Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

Recipe For Smokey Beef Brisket with a Crunchy Bark and Juicy Meat.

Time: ~15 Hours
Seasoning Time: 6-7 hours
Cook Time: 8-10 hours
Rest Time: 1-2 hours

Servings: 4 to 5 (expand this to meet your guest numbers)

Beef Brisket [approx. 4 Lbs.]
Kosher Salt                                       2 tbsp.
Cayenne Pepper Powder               1 tsp.
Black Pepper Powder                     1 tbsp.
Garlic Pods                                        4-5.
Brown Sugar                                     4 tbsp.
Parsley Chopped                             2 tbsp.
Oregano                                            1 tbps.

Beef Brisket Prepping:
Trim the Beef Brisket so that there is only ¼ inch of fat. Pat dry excess moisture using paper towels.

Beef Brisket Seasoning: 
Crush garlic pods and mix all ingredients except for parsley and oregano. Rub the seasoning generously on to the beef brisket. Wrap it in Pink Butcher Paper and refrigerate for 6-7 hours.

Beef Brisket Smoking:
Pre-heat the oven/ smoker/griller to 220-250° F. Remove the Pink Butcher Paper and place the meat on the griller – Fat Side Down. Let it cook until the internal temperature reaches 150-165° F – this may take about 4-5 hours.  This is the time when the meat hits the STALL or temperature plateau.

Wrap The Beef Brisket With Pink Butcher Paper:
Remove the beef brisket from the smoker/griller, sprinkle chopped parsley and oregano on to the Beef Brisket and wrap it (2-3 folds) in Pink Butcher Paper. Place the wrapped beef brisket back in the oven/ smoker/griller. Let the beef brisket cook until it reaches 190-200° F – this may take another 3-4 hour.  

Resting the Beef Brisket in Pink Butcher Paper:
Once the Beef Brisket is done – remove it from the smoker and let it rest for an hour wrapped in Pink Butcher Paper.

After its Beef Brisket is rest, cut it and serve with favorite sauces and salads. 

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