Why I Love Pink Butcher Paper?

Pink Butcher Paper is a favorite and popular paper among Barbecue Enthusiasts. Let’s explore the reasons why Pink Butcher Paper has garnered a lot of love…

Why I Love Pink Butcher Paper?
Why I Love Pink Butcher Paper?

There are a lot of papers available on the market today for cooking, like wax paper, freezer paper, parchment paper, butter paper, aluminum foil, etc. Each of these is used in different types of cooking or cuisines to improve or enhance the flavors, texture, taste and presentation of the dish. Among the lot, Pink Butcher Paper is a popular choice in the world of barbecue. There are several reasons why Pink Butcher Paper has garnered a lot of love and it’s today become a must-have cooking essential in every kitchen.

Ideal for Slow And Low Cooking, It Saves Time Too:  
Today slow and low cooking in the backyard is popular than the traditional cooking styles for a pleasant weekend party. Pink Butcher Paper reduces time in the slow and low cooking process. Cooking a hard chunk of meat wrapped in Pink Butcher Paper will consume less time than naked cooking. The balancing act of elements like time, temperature, meat quality, seasoning and consistency are essential for achieving a perfect barbecue with a crunchy bark with tender and juicy meat. If you are new to the world of barbecue or you are inspired to barbecue by watching others, Pink Butcher Paper will be your best friend in helping you to achieve a hassle-free barbecuing experience.

Excellent Wet Strength And Heat Resistance:
Pink Butcher Paper comes with an excellent wet strength and great heat resistance. It can be used to cook at high temperatures. Pink Butcher Paper can also be used to cut and store marinated meat before you start cooking.
Pink Butcher Paper helps the meat to retain its natural moisture while cooking as well as allows the extra moisture to escape. Unlike Aluminum foils Pink Butcher Paper will not make your meat mushy or overcooked. As it allows the meat to breathe, Pink Butcher Paper gives a strong smoky flavor to the meat.  

Pure and Safe:
Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper is 100% natural wood pulp, FDA approved as safe for direct contact with food and is made in USA. There is no bleaching done during the manufacturing process to provide any specific color to the paper, the pink color comes from the natural high-quality wood pulp.

Versatile Paper:
Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper is inexpensive and can be used for non-culinary purposes. Be it a tray liner or food wrapper or food dispenser (a cone for wedges/fries, salads, etc.). Pink Butcher Paper will enhance the food presentation.
You can use Pink Butcher Paper for all your art and craft works at home as well as in schools. Pink Butcher Paper can be used as a gift-wrapping paper for Christmas and New Year.    

Popular Among Gurus:
Pink Butcher Paper is used by Barbecue Gurus to get a perfect barbecue meat with a crunchy bark and a tender and juicy meat.
Apart from Barbecuing, Pink Butcher Paper can be used in other cuisines and dishes like French En Papillote, Italian Al Cartoccio, etc. - replacing Parchment Paper.

Easy To Use:
Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper comes in rolls which can be cut into various shapes and sizes as per your requirements. A durable carry tube is provided which makes the rolls easy to use and store.
Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper is available online – you don’t have to waste your time searching for one in a department store or supermarket.


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