Pink Butcher Paper Vs Wax Paper

Pink Butcher Paper is the most popular trend in the world of barbecue. Wax Papers are also used in some culinary activities. Let’s explore whether Pink Butcher Paper and Wax Paper are similar or different from each other?

Pink Butcher Paper Vs Waxed Paper
Pink Butcher Paper Vs Waxed Paper

Various types of papers are used in day to day cooking. Freezer paper, parchment paper, baking paper, butter paper, white butcher paper and Pink Butcher Paper to name a few. One would choose the paper depending upon their requirements like baking, cooking, storing, freezing, smoking, grilling or steaming. Among the lot let’s compare Pink Butcher Paper with Wax Paper to understand the similarities and differences between them so that you make use of the correct paper in your food lab.

Wax Paper

Wax paper is also called paraffin paper, which is either coated with natural bee wax or purified paraffin to make it water/moisture proof. Wax paper is a semi-translucent paper.
Wax Paper is most commonly used in cold storage –to wrap and store in cold. As a liner between two to avoid sticking in a freezer.  Wax paper can also be used to store your cookies and other confectioneries. Basically, you can use wax paper to line any dish which is not cooked in high temperature.  Wax Papers can be used as liners for your wardrobes, kitchen drawers or food presentation.

Wax papers cannot be used in hot ovens as it may get burnt completely. Wax Paper cannot be used to wrap your meat to be grilled as the wax coating will melt upon heating. Wax Paper is less durable compared to that of freezer paper so if you are storing your food in the freezer for a long time better to avoid Wax Paper.

Pink Butcher Paper

Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper is a non-coated, unbleached paper, which is permeable with high resistance to heat and excellent wet strength.

Pink Butcher Paper is popular among the barbecue gurus to achieve a crispy crust, tender and juicy barbecue. It is the most ideal paper for slow and low cooking of tough meat like pork ribs, shanks and briskets. Pink Butcher paper allows the meat to breath when wrapped, this helps the meat to retain its natural moisture. Pink Butcher Paper allows the airflow in the smoker to give a nice smoky flavor to the meat. Resting your meat after smoking in Pink Butcher Paper will give you a crispy crust, tender and juicy meat.

Pink Butcher Paper can be used to cut, store and serve the food due to good wet strength. It can be used as tray and table liners to enhance your food presentation. Pink Butcher Paper can be used as an Arts and Crafts sheet, Gift Wrapping and Painting. 

Why Only Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper?

Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper is made in USA approved by FDA as safe for direct contact with food. There are no chemical bleaching during the manufacturing process. It is made up of high-quality kraft pulp with a natural pink color.

Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper comes in rolls which you can cut into various sizes and shapes. These rolls come with a durable carry tube making the paper easy to use and store.  You don’t have to waste your time in local stores to buy your roll of Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper. It is available online.   Order Now!!!


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