Rest a brisket after cooking – Why and How?

Resting a brisket after cooking it yields a better texture and taste compared to the meat sliced immediately after cooking. Let’s understand why should you rest your brisket post smoking? How long you should rest? And how a brisket is kept during rest?

Pink Butcher Paper To Rest Your BBQ Brisket
Pink Butcher Paper To Rest Your BBQ Brisket

 Brisket – the lower chest portion of beef which is used by the animal to bear its body weight and movement. Brisket is mainly composed of water, carbohydrates, protein, minerals and vitamins. Briskets are high in connective tissues, a slow and low cooking is ideal to tenderize those connective tissues and get cooked to perfection.

Why rest a brisket?

When you smoke a brisket as the temperature rises the muscle fibers shrink expelling the water content in them. The connective tissues turn into collagen as the cooking progresses. In a cooked meat the muscle fibers are tight and dry. If you cut a brisket immediately after its removed from your smoker, all the juices will ooze out leaving your meat dry and bland.
Resting your brisket couple of hours after smoking allows the muscle fibers to reabsorb the expelled juices. The water content will rearrange themselves around the proteins giving you a moist, juicy and tender brisket.

How to rest a Brisket?

As soon as you remove brisket from the smoker, wrap it with a pink butcher paper (if you have cooked a naked brisket). If you have smoked already wrapped brisket then wrap some old towels around and put it in a cooler to rest for a couple of hours. The resting duration depends on the size of the brisket. Larger the brisket longer the time of resting. Post resting you can slice your crispy bark, juicy brisket and you don’t find any natural juices oozing out and getting wasted. 

Why rest wrapped in Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper only?

Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper is permeable and it allows the meat to breathe during rest. This gives you a crispy bark, tasty and juicy meat. If you are wrapping a foil it doesn’t allow the airflow during the resting period which may make your brisket soggy and mushy.

Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper is inexpensive compared to that of other foils. A Roll of Pink Butcher Paper comes with a durable carry tube which makes it easy to use and store.

Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper is made in the USA, chemical free, non-coated, FDA approved as the safest paper for direct contact with food during cooking and storage. Pink Butcher Paper is made out of high-quality wood pulp with a natural pink color.

Pink Butcher Paper has got excellent wet strength and heat resistance. It is an ideal wrapper for slow and low cooking of brisket. Pink Butcher Paper can be used to rest, cut and serve the slices of meat.

Don’t slice your meat immediately after removing the meat from the grill, allow it to rest for some time wrapped in Pink Butcher Paper, then slice and serve your crispy bark, tasty and tender brisket. 

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