Pink Butcher Paper Vs Parchment Paper

Different types of papers like freezer paper, foil, parchment paper, Butcher paper are used to wrap the meat during the slow and low cooking. Every paper is different in its purpose, composition, processing, cost, quality and performance. Let’s compare and understand Pink Butcher Paper and Parchment Paper today.

Pink Butcher Paper Vs Parchment Paper
Pink Butcher Paper Vs Parchment Paper

The meat wrapped in a paper or foil takes lesser time to cook compared to the unwrapped meat. Prolonged exposure to direct heat makes meat overcooked, burnt and dry. Wrapping allows the meat to retain its natural moisture and braise in its own juices, making it tender and juicy. Pink Butcher Paper and Parchment Paper are two commonly used paper for wrapping meat. Both these papers are used in day to day culinary activities. Let’s find out the similarities and differences to decide which is the best choice for barbecuing?



Both Pink Butcher Paper and Parchment Paper are made up of wood pulp. Unlike freezer paper, neither of them are given paraffin wax coating to make them waterproof.

Both these papers are available in sheets and rolls and easy to use.


Parchment Paper is relatively high density compared to that of Pink Butcher Paper. Both these papers are durable, high resistant to heat and moisture.

Both these papers can be used to cut, wrap and store meat.



Parchment Paper is made by treating sheets of wood pulp with sulphuric acid or zinc oxide on one side. This chemical treatment slightly dissolves the surface of the paper making it gelatinized. Upon drying this gives a dense, stable, heat resistant and non-sticky paper.
Pink Butcher Paper is not given any chemical treatment during the manufacturing process. It retains a natural pink color of the wood pulp and is safe to come in direct contact with the food.  


Parchment Paper is a semi-translucent paper whereas the Pink Butcher Paper is a non-translucent, opaque paper.


No chemical processing during the manufacturing makes the natural Pink Butcher Paper cheaper compared to that of processed Parchment Paper.

Culinary features

Parchment Paper is widely used in baking because of its non-sticky / free release quality. It is easy to remove baked food from parchment paper. Parchment Paper is used in Italian and French traditional cooking where the meat is kept in Parchment Paper bags and steamed.  Barbecuing or smoking the meat in Parchment Paper is possible but the non-greasy paper will not allow the meat to breathe. Though it retains the natural moisture of the meat due to water condensation the meat can turn out overcooked and mushy.

Pink Butcher Paper is a porous paper which allows the meat to breathe while smoking or grilling. Pink Butcher Paper retains the natural moisture of the meat and allows the smoky flavor to get infused into the wrapped meat. This gives you a perfect crispy bark, tender and juicy meat.  


The non-sticky Parchment Paper can be used as tray liners, cones or pockets to serve a variety of food preparations.

The inexpensive, eco-friendly Pink Butcher Papers can be used by kids for arts and crafts projects. They look great when used as elegant gift wrappers.  Enhances the presentation of your dish when used as table runners and tray liners.

Why only Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper?

FDA Approved Paper: Might Dreams Pink Butcher Paper is FDA approved and safe for direct contact with food. It is a natural pink color paper without any chemical treatment.
Better than a foil: Might Dreams Pink Butcher Paper comes with a great wet strength and heat resistance making it an ideal choice for slow and low cooking.

Easy to use: Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper is inexpensive and comes in rolls with a durable carry tube making it easy to use and store.

Used by Barbecue Gurus: Pink Butcher Paper is popular among barbecue gurus across the globe to cook a perfect crispy bark, tender and juicy meat.

Considering the respective properties of both these papers, Pink Butcher Paper looks more versatile, easy to use and inexpensive. What are you waiting for? Make the most of this paper in your next barbecue bash. Order Now!!


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