How to get your barbecue first time right?

It's summer!!! Time to get out and grill. Are you new to barbecuing? Not sure about how to get your barbecue first time right? Well, No problem!!! Barbecue like a pro with Pink Butcher Paper, which will help you to make your barbecues parties tasty and memorable.

Pink Butcher Paper
Get Your Barbecue Right The First Time

Barbecuing in the backyard during the bright summer with friends and family are the days to look forward to the year. Barbecuing is not as easy as it may seem. There are many ways your barbecue may go wrong. You may end up with a pile of charred, tough or mushy meat at the end.  Everybody wants to impress their guests by serving lip-smacking barbecue. Let’s find out how to use Pink Butcher Paper to get a barbecue first time right.

Before you light the fire

  • Select a suitable barbecue grill based on the type of meat you are going to be cooking. Ideally, a gas or an electric grill for small chunks of meat and a charcoal grill for a whole chicken and large pieces of meat like briskets.
  •  A little preparation goes a long way. There are a few things that need to be checked before you light the fire. If your grill is new, remove all coating from the grill that was done for shipping purposes. If you are using an old grill, clean up those ash remains of any previous barbecue session. 
  • Keep required tools like a tray, spatula, tongs, knife, thermometer and oil handy before you start.
  • Allow the frozen meat to thaw properly before putting it on the grill. It reduces the time taken by the meat to heat up and start getting cooked.
  • Use Pink Butcher Paper to wrap, cut and store the meat as it comes with a great wet strength. It makes cutting and storing less messy.

During the Grill

  • Marinate the meat couple of hours before the actual grilling. Marination tenderizes the meat and infuses deep flavors to the meat.
  • Wait till your grill attain a hot temperature before you place a chunk of meat on it. Let the coal become grey and glow with red in case of a charcoal barbecue.
  • Maintain a constant temperature of your grill.  Be careful, the dripping oil or juices from the meat may increase the fumes and alters the heat.
  • Apply the sauce towards the end of cooking time to avoid bitterness.
  • Use Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper to wrap the meat instead of aluminum foil. Aluminum foil acts as an oven in itself and doesn’t allow the meat to breathe which makes meat mushy and overcooked. Pink Butcher Paper is permeable and allows the meat to breathe and let the excess moisture out. It also gives a nice smoky flavor to the meat.
  • Keep a timer and digital probe thermometer handy. Don’t flip the meat very frequently and don’t poke the meat often to check whether it’s done or not. 

Post Grilling

  • Allow the meat to rest with Pink Butcher Paper after cooking and before serving, it allows your meat to relax and become soft and juicy.  Meat wrapped in Pink Butcher Paper remains warm until the serving time.
  • Enhance your brisket presentation by using Pink Butcher Paper as a tray and plate liner and serve.

Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper for Perfection?

There are several benefits of using Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper instead of common foils.

Permeable Paper

Pink Butcher Paper is a permeable paper which allows the meat to breathe through the stall stage. It allows the smoky flavor from the smoker to get infused to the meat giving a tender and juicy meat with a crispy bark.  Aluminum foils trap the heat inside, the condensed juices inside could make the meat mushy and overcooked. Foil also reduces the smoky flavor infusion to the meat giving it a very mild smoky flavor.

Excellent Heat Resistance and Wet Strength

Pink Butcher Paper has excellent wet strength to hold the moisture for longer duration and good heat resistance capacity making it an ideal wrapper for slow and low cooking.

FDA Approved

Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper is FDA approved food grade paper made out of high-quality wood pulp. It is safe to come in contact with the food without compromising the quality. There is no chemical bleaching done during the manufacturing of the ink Butcher Paper.  The pink color is due to all-natural wood pulp used.

Easy To Use and Store

Mighty Dreams Pink Butcher Paper comes in rolls with a durable carry tube which makes it easy to use and store.  Pink Butcher Paper is an inexpensive paper which can be cut into different sizes and shapes as per your requirement.  One can use these colorful paper to decorate their home, enhance their party presentation, as a craft paper and a gift wrap too.

Popular Among Barbecue Gurus

Pink Butcher Paper is very popular among barbecue gurus, pit masters and home cooks to smoke a perfect tender and juicy brisket with a crispy bark.

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