Texas Crutch Or Pink Butcher Paper Wrap – What Should You Use & Why?

Meat can be smoked either wrapped or unwrapped.  Though the unwrapped method sounds easy, it takes more time than wrapped cooking. There are chances of overcooking and strong bitter smoky flavor due to direct exposure. Wrapped cooking is of two styles – foil wrapped Texas Crutch way and Pink Butcher Paper wrapped way. Wrapped cooking is less time-consuming.  It retains the natural moisture of meat and allows it to cook in its own juices. Pink Butcher Paper wrapped and Foil-wrapped Texas Crutch way have their own pros and cons. Let’s find out what style of wrapped cooking to use based on your taste and time available for cooking.

Pink Butcher Paper
Texas Crutch Or Pink Butcher Paper Wrap - What Should You Use & Why?

The Texas Crutch

Texas Crutch is one of the safe methods to smoke a brisket if you are new to the world of barbecue. The method of wrapping a brisket in a foil and cooking is called a Texas Crutch.  If you are in a hurry, impatient or can’t wait till the brisket passes the stall, Texas Crutch is the method for you.

Why Texas Crutch?

When the temperatures are high, wrapping the brisket in a foil will reduce the exposure to direct heat and prevent from charring.  When you don’t have much time in hand and want to finish off, Texas Crutch will help to reduce the cooking time. Foiling will help the meat to retain its juices and tenderness naturally.

Why not to Texas Crutch?

If you're a barbecue purist, the crutch is likely to mess with your sense of traditionalism. The biggest drawback of using foil in Texas Crutch way is that when the hot meat is wrapped in the foil, the steam cannot escape and the water condenses within the foil, which in turn wets the surface of the meat ruining the crusty bark formed during the initial cook, thus turning it mushy or soggy.

The Pink Butcher Paper wrapping method

Pink Butcher Paper wrapped method uses food grade paper that allows excess moisture to escape while still retaining the juices and tenderness of the meat and gives you a crispy bark.

Why Pink Butcher Paper?

During the stall, the Pink Butcher Paper wrapping allows the excess steam to escape which will keep the exterior crust of the meat from accumulating any additional moisture, thus retain and enhance a crunchy bark while still holding the juices and tenderness of the meat inside the brisket. Since the Butcher Paper allows air in and out, it gives a rich smoky flavor to the meat. A crispy crust with a smoky flavor is the biggest positive for using Pink Butcher Paper. It also doesn’t contain any chemicals and is easily bio-degradable, thus making it eco-friendly from a disposal point of view.

Why Not Pink Butcher Paper?

Pink Butcher Paper wrapping takes more time than the Texas Crutch foil wrapped way. So, if you are strapped for time and are ok with a soggy or mushy brisket, then Pink Butcher Paper is not for you.

I Love Pink Butcher Paper

I am personally drawn in a big way towards Pink Butcher Paper wrapped barbecuing as I love the juicy and tender briskets with a crunchy bark and smoky flavor. I recommend using Pink Butcher Paper from Mighty Dreams wholeheartedly.

Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper is made up of an exclusive high-quality craft pulp. It has a high resistance to heat and moisture, can be used for long hours of smoking. The Pink Butcher Paper is 100% chemical free, i.e., no chemicals used in the manufacturing. Generally, certain bleaching methods are used to give white color to food wrapping papers. The pink color is all natural color of wood pulp. Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper is FDA approved as safe for direct food contact and storage.

Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper in an inexpensive user-friendly paper, which comes in rolls with a durable carry tube to protect the paper roll making it easy to use and store. The Pink Butcher Paper has an excellent wet strength so it can be used during meat cutting, wrapping, cooking as well as storing before serving

Mighty Dream's Pink Butcher Paper is a popular choice among the BBQ gurus as it allows the meat to retain its natural moisture at lower temperatures. Unlike foil wrapping, Pink Butcher Paper allows the meat to breath getting rid of excess moisture while keeping the meat juicy and tender, thus giving a crispy bark.    

Pink Butcher Paper can be cut into different sizes and shapes as per your requirement. It can be used as tray liners to enhance the presentation of your dish. It also keeps the meat crispy, juicy and warm till the serving time.

Conjure up something new to surprise your friends and family!!! Be sure to order the Pink Butcher Paper with us. Order Now.


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