Improve Your Barbecue Using Pink Butcher Paper

Barbequing a perfect crispy bark with tender and juicy meat may be as difficult as boiling an ocean for most of us. It doesn't have to be a difficult thing to do if you use Pink Butcher Paper. Let’s explore how to wrap and cook your meat in a Pink Butcher Paper to improve your barbecue taste and why it is so popular among barbeque enthusiast? 

Barbecue Using Pink Butcher Paper
Improve Your Barbecue Using Pink Butcher Paper 

Barbecue is one of the most popular foods in the world today. Barbecues are the key forms of any celebration – be it a formal occasion with your new colleagues, an informal gathering with your friends and family or a public celebration. Apart from bringing people together, barbecues provide a backyard cooking experience closer to nature which is the best get away from the busy weekdays.

Barbequing is fascinating compared to kitchen cooking and can be learnt by watching others. Spread a choice of seasoning, lite the fire and the heat will do the job. Is it as simple as that? No!! Especially when you are cooking the large and hard pieces of meat like ribs, shanks or briskets. Just seasoning or marinating doesn’t make your meat Juicy or Crispy. It takes a couple of trial and errors to standardize the parameters to Barbecue perfectly. It’s all about balancing time, temperature, quality of the meat, seasoning and consistency.  If you want to get it right at the first time, you should definitely explore the Pink Butcher Paper which helps you to achieve a crispy bark with tender and juicy meat without much hassle.

In the wrapped cooking method, when the internal temperature drops, the condensed water during the stall stage will turn the meat mushy or soggy. This may give a feeling of overcooked, under seasoned and dry. Management of excess moisture collected during the stall is very critical to get a crispy bark with a juicy and tender meat at the end. Can you blot off the excess moisture in any way??  How can you address this issue and improve your barbecue?

Yes!! It is possible with Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper. Let’s find out how you can use this Pink Butcher Paper to improve your Barbecue?

How the Pink Butcher Paper gives you a perfect Barbecue

Wrapping the meat in the Pink Butcher Paper decreases the cooking time. Unlike any other foil and wrapping papers, Pink Butcher Paper lets the excess moisture to escape, allowing the meat to breathe and let the smoke get into the meat. This gives a perfectly cooked crispy bark with tender and juicy meat, and a strong smoky flavor. Pink Butcher Paper provides a solid wrapping for the meat to attain a perfect balance between dry and moist, juicy and crunchy, smoky and flavorless.

What is Pink Butcher Paper? 

It is a wrapping paper made out of an exclusive high-quality kraft pulp. Generally, there are lot of chemicals used during the manufacturing of wrapping papers, elemental chlorine bleaching is done to give a white color to certain butcher papers.  Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper is a chemical free paper with a natural wood pulp color pink, hence the name Pink Butcher Paper. Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper is approved by FDA as safe for direct food contact. It can be used for processing and storing the food without compromising the food quality.

Why Pink Butcher Paper so popular?

Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper is an inexpensive paper, which comes in rolls with a durable carry tube which makes it easy to carry and store. This paper can be cut into various sizes and shapes as per your requirement.

The excellent wet strength of “Pink Butcher Paper” makes it suitable not only for cooking but also for cutting, wrapping, serving and storing. The high heat resistance capacity makes it an ideal wrap for slow and low cooking.

The Pink Butcher Paper is very popular among the barbecue experts to attain a crispy bark with tender and juicy meat. If prepared earlier than the serving time, the Pink Butcher Paper keeps the meat crispy and juicy till the serving time. This wrapping paper can be used as a tray liner to improve your presentation.

What are you waiting for? Cook your brisket to perfection with Mighty Dream’s Pink Butcher Paper. Order Now!!


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